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Pilgrim, Limited Edition Vinyl

Image of Pilgrim, Limited Edition Vinyl


This LP was released on 12/01/09.

Side A
1. The Commuter
2. Radio On
3. Tools
4. The Astronaut

Side B
1. Pilgrim
2. Rust Belt Heart
3. Used Guitars
4. Tonight
5. Catch A Ride

This 500-copy run will be hand-numbered red vinyl encased by screen-printed sleeves, and the first 100 copies will also be printed with metallic silver ink. The original album sequencing has been reworked to present more of a Side A/Side B feel and while – due to space – the record will contain only nine of the 11 album tracks, every copy will come with a download card for all 11 tracks in addition to one bonus track, a cover of Jawbreaker’s “Jinx Removing.”